Mile Hi Rafting

Come Whitewater Rafting with us or be a part of the Colorado Rocky Mountains on your own All Terrain Vehicle. As a family owned and operated company, we have the personality to make your vacation memorable, exciting and fun.

Just 30 miles west of Denver!

ATV Tours

Be a part of the Colorado Rocky Mountains on your own All Terrain Vehicle. We navigate our way on historic mining trails, through the scenic Rocky Mountains enjoying breathtaking vistas of the Continental Divide and Mt Evans. You experience the serenity of untamed Rocky Mountains coupled with the exhilaration of an ATV. Previous experience is not necessary.
Mile Hi Atv tours
Mile high rafting

UTV Tours

Advantage of the UTV is our professional guide is driving so you can enjoy the scenery and mountains more comfortably. With the addition of the UTV we are able to travel farther because of the storage capacity. In addition to our Safaris there are overnight camping trips available. Kids are WELCOME.
The water is no longer high enough on Clear Creek to raft. Our 2015 season will start again in May, when the snow melts. There is currently availability on The Arkansas River for the Royal Gorge, Big Horn Sheep Canyon, or Brown’s Canyon.

Colorado Rafting Adventures

Join us for a memorable Colorado white water rafting trip with your family and friends. Mile Hi Rafting offers fun professionally guided Whitewater Rafting Trips on exciting Clear Creek and the famous Arkansas rivers. We provide all the gear–wet suit, splash jacket, PFD, and helmet. Mile Hi has fun whitewater rafting trips for any ability level.

Mile Hi Rafting’s prices and convenient location make it an ideal destination for day trips and vacations.. We offer child and group discounts, and some of the hottest deals on the river.

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