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What are the River Rapid Classifications?

Class I – Moving water with few riffles and small waves.
Class II – Easy rapids with clear passages
Class III – Moderately difficult waves and some maneuvering required to avoid obstacles
Class IV – Difficult rapids with complex channels, waves, and hydraulics. Precise maneuvering in turbulent waters is often required to avoid significant obstacles.
Class V – Extremely difficult, long and violent rapids, with highly congested routes, that often follow each other without interruption. Precise maneuvering in very turbulent water is required.
Class VI – Generally considered un-raftable; possibility of injury or death likely. * Dates subject to change due to water flow

What to bring on your Mile Hi Rafting adventure?
  • Swimsuit
  • Secure footwear (no flip-flops or crocs)
  • Fleece or wool pullover, Dry clothes, and a towel for afterwards
  • Sunscreen
Where is Mile Hi Rafting located?

3627 Alvarado Rd, Dumont, CO 80436
Phone: (303) 567-0717
Just 30 miles west of downtown Denver.

What are the driving directions to Mile Hi Rafting?

Take I-70 west out of Denver. Take exit #234 for Downieville Lawson. At the stop sign at the end of the exit ramp, take a right and then an immediate left as if you were going to the Taco Bell. You will be on County Road 308. Proceed on County Road 308 for one mile, (you will go under I-70 one time.) At the one mile, turn left on to Alvarado Road (County Road 306)the only road crossing over Clear Creek. Mile Hi Rafting and ATV tours will be on your right as you come out of the trees in only 0.2 miles.

What levels of rafting trips does Mile Hi Rafting offer?

Mile Hi Rafting offers beginner, intermediate and advanced rafting trips. There are half-day rafting trips and all-day rafting trips. Full day rafting trips have lunch provided on the river bank. All trips have the option of fresh hot food from our Chuck Wagon food truck. For more details about the rafting trips, go to click here.

What equipment is provided by Mile Hi Rafting?

Mile Hi Rafting provides wetsuits, helmets, life jackets and splash jackets for all of their rafting trips. Booties can be rented for an additional $3.00.

Do I have to rent booties?

No, you can wear any shoes that have a full heel and toe and fasten securely to your feet. Tennis shoes are fine, but keep in mind that they are going to get soaking wet, (flip-flops and clogs are NOT acceptable).

What do you wear under the wetsuit?

You should wear a swimwear under the wetsuit. If you do not have swimwear nylon, wool, or any synthetic will work. You should NOT wear cotton. Cotton will pull the heat from your body.

Should I wear sunscreen?

Yes. Water and high altitude amplify the Sun’s rays. To be most effective, it should be applied in advance (like before you leave from Denver). Your face/neck area is the most important, since you will be covered with a wetsuit, splash jacket, helmet and shoes (or booties). If a warm day you may not want to wear the splash jacket—so your arms will also need sunscreen. Please wash your hands with soap and water after applying the sunscreen since slippery hands will make it difficult to grip the paddles.

Can I wear my prescription glasses or sunglasses?

Yes, but make sure that they have some sort of strap or restraining device. We sell Chums to secure your glasses, especially if they are expensive. You will definitely get splashed and the water will take them off — there is a possibility that you will fall overboard also.

Can I bring a camera?

Yes, but only if it is a waterproof camera and it has a strap or lanyard so that it can be tied to your life jacket or vest. You will not be able to get action shots of the rapids—since you will be the action. There is a professional photographer, who will be taking pictures of your rafting trip at the rapids, and have them for sale at the end of your adventure.

Can I bring my cell phone.

Bad idea. Water and electronics do not mix. Leave your cell phone in your car.

Can I bring my own water bottle?

You may bring your own water bottle, but it must have a strap or lanyard so that it can be attached to you. Better yet, water will be provided on the rafting trip by Mile Hi Rafting.

What else do I need to bring?

Bring a positive attitude, a towel and a change of dry clothes (including dry shoes) for after the trip.

Who has to sign the Participant Release of Liability & Assumption of Risk Agreement?

Everyone participating in the raft trip must sign this form. For participants under age 18 at the time of registration, the Parent/Guardian of participant must also sign and date the form.

Is coffee available at Mile Hi Rafting?

Yes, there is a Chuck Wagon with coffee and a breakfast burrito special for $5.00. There is also a lunch special with a burger, fries and a beverage for $10.00 (They have vegetarian patties and turkey burgers too.)

Are there restroom stops along the river while on the half-day rafting trip?

There are restrooms and changing rooms at Mile Hi Rafting. There are not restrooms along the river. Typically the actual on water time is between an 1 hour to 1 & 1/2 hours.

Where should I leave my valuables, like a purse or wallet?

You will want to leave all valuables in your car and then secure your car keys in the office.

Where shall I leave my keys if I don’t want them to get wet (electronic remote, etc.)?

All keys should be left with the office staff—a set has never been found on the river.

Are there restroom stops along the river while on the half-day rafting trip?

There are restrooms and changing rooms at Mile Hi Rafting. There are not restrooms along the river. Typically the actual on water time is between an 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours.

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