Bringing you the Best white water rafting in Colorado

We serve Conifer Colorado and the surrounding area and provide the best white water rafting as well as many other outdoor adventure activities. Whether you are looking for a day getaway or a few nights we provide a variety of outdoor fun just outside of Denver. Whether you are from Colorado or just visiting we would love to meet you! Our customers are like family. Come enjoy the outdoors with us!

Rafting on Clear Creek Canyon

The Clear Creek River offers one of the best rafting experiences in the country, and it is just 30 miles west of Denver. At this river you will find something for any skill level, from first time riders to the most thrill seeking enthusiasts. It is one of the steepest raftable rivers in Colorado which makes it all the more fun. This area boasts beautiful mountain scenery, with an abundance of wildlife. This river is open for rafting from May to July (and sometimes August), so book your Clear Creek Adventure today.

Rafting on the Arkansas River

The Arkansas River is hands down the most popular rafting destination in America, and it is located 3 hours south of Denver. Mile Hi Rafting is your best alternative for rafting down the Arkansas. We offer half day, one day and two day tours. Experience some of the world famous rapids this river has to offer as well as breath taking views of the Collegiate Peaks. Mile Hi will make your trip to the Arkansas River truly unforgettable, let us take care of all the arrangements and you just have the time of your life.

River Qualifications

Ever wondered how Rivers are qualified? Mile Hi offers you an explanation, so you know what to expect on your next trip. It is important to know the Rapid Class you will be encountering, to know if you it is up to your skill level.

  • Class I – Moving water with few riffles and small waves.

  • Class II – Easy rapids with clear passages

  • Class III – Moderately difficult waves and some maneuvering required to avoid obstacles

  • Class IV – Difficult rapids with complex channels, waves, and hydraulics. Precise maneuvering in turbulent waters is often required to avoid significant obstacles.

  • Class V – Extremely difficult, long and violent rapids, with highly congested routes, that often follow each other without interruption. Precise maneuvering in very turbulent water is required.

  • Class VI – Generally considered un-raftable; possibility of injury or death likely.  

If you are looking for a family friendly paddle that is more relaxing than daring we recommend our Sure Shot for beginners trip on the Clear Creek River. You'll experience some class II and III rapids, which is just the right fit for beginners. If you'd like something more intense and adventurous we recommend the Ultimo on the Clear Creek River or the Royal Gorge on the Arkansas River. Both will provide solid class III and IV rapids throughout the trip.


Our 2016 rafting season has begun and the water levels are fantastic. Book your trip today and join us for a fun filled day(s) of adventure. Have questions? Contact us and speak to one of our team representatives.