Safety is our Priority

Mile Hi Rafting guides have years of combined rafting experience. We take pride in making sure all our guests are safe and have a blast.

  • Boogie
    Boogie Rafting Guide

    Boogieman or just Boogie – Has worked as a guide on Clear Creek since 1995, he has worked as a part time guide since 1999.  He often will commute to Mile Hi Rafting by bicycle from his home in Lakewood which is 36 miles away.  Boogie has been with Mile Hi Rafting since its beginning.  He is a husband and father of two daughters.  The whole Boogie family spends time at MHR and enjoys rafting Clear Creek together.

    • Wesley Hutchings
      Wesley Hutchings Rafting Guide

      Wesley Hutchings 24, Born and Raised in Denver, CO. I grew up playing soccer and started having an outdoor lifestyle. I’ve been rafting since 2009 and after meeting Danimal and the rest of the Mile Hi Crew in 2012 I knew I wanted to raft all summer long with them. Camping, Rafting, Snowboarding and Fishing are my main activities I look forward to all year in Colorado.

      • Stewart Miller
        Stewart Miller Rafting Guide

        Hey Stewart Miller here, you probably know me as Peaches. I’m 29 born and raised in Louisiana. Started rafting out east on the Nantahala and fell in love with whitwater. This will be my 5th season as a raft guide and my 2nd on clear creek. Rafting is more than a job it’s a passion.

        • Roman Montoya
          Roman Montoya Rafting Guide

          My name is Roman Montoya and im 24 years old. This is my second year as a guide and Danimal is the best sensei anyone could ask for. I’ve grown up on the edge of the Rockies and they called on me since I was little. A couple of my hobbies include backpacking, angling, snowboarding, walks in the forest, and of course white water rafting! But seriously, rafting is pretty sweet

          • Richard
            Richard Rafting Guide

            Richard– Born and raised in Colorado, you could say I was born to be outdoors. As a kid, I spent countless nights in a tent in the middle of the rocky mountains with my family. I attended school at Red Rocks and enrolled myself in a Outdoor studies program where I met Danimal and started rafting. With his guidance and knowledge of white water, he made it easy for me to understand rapids and to learn the way of the water. I have been working as a guide at Mile Hi Rafting for 3 years, and plan to for many years to come. When I’m not rafting you could find me playing in the snow on a glacier, on a nearby backpacking trail, or putting holes in paper with one of my many firearms. Don’t let that deceive you though, because on the off season I grow and sell flowers. I love plant life and horticulture and enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables from my garden every year. When it comes down to it, I’m just your average outdoor loving Coloradan.

            • Joey
              Joey Rafting Guide
              • Brian
                Brian Rafting Guide

                I have been with Mile Hi 10 years and I am a father of 2 boys. I am a big Broncos fan. I love to take family’s down river and help making lifetime memories. I enjoy ATV tours, love camping, and relaxing at Mile Hi. I just enjoy getting out of the big city. Come make memories with us at Mile Hi Rafting and ATV Tours.
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                • Eva Lambert
                  Eva Lambert Rafting Guide
                  • John Hendrix
                    John Hendrix Rafting Guide
                    • Rebecca Stonebraker
                      Rebecca Stonebraker Rafting Guide