We are proud to have developed a rigorous guide training program. Our program meets and exceeds the requirements of Colorado Statute 33-32-105.5 which provides for the minimum qualifications of professional river guide. Our Guide Training program is ten days of actual training, usually with a day off sometime in the middle, on several rivers. During the class we will have a couple of nights camping where everyone chips in for food and camping fees. Upon completion of Colorado state requirements and a “successful” check-out run down the river, you can obtain Colorado State Certification to be a professional whitewater rafting guide. Certification and getting a job are not guaranteed. We often hire from our training classes, people who excel on and off the water. Space is limited. $500 per person.

Our class is offered at Red Rocks Community College class number OUT 139. When taking the class through Red Rocks you will receive 2 credits, pay Red Rocks’ class fees, and then you will only pay us $250. Classes are May 16th until May 26th to qualify for the Red Rocks’ 2 credits. In order to get the on river hours needed for certification, we extend the class until May 28 with Memorial Day off. Students just wanting the 2 credits do not have to extend. There is an informational class on Monday May 4th at 6pm at the Red Rocks campus. CPR and 1st Aid certification are also a requirement to be a professional Colorado river guide.

We train on a variety of rapids. Our training class this year is scheduled to start on the Arkansas River. We will be camping out for three days. In addition to starting the trainees out on some “easier” water this part of the training goes over preparing meals for groups and packing for overnight trips. (I say “easier” because on the Arkansas there is more set-up time than on Clear Creek – it is very nonstop even in the “slow” water.) We will then come back up to Lawson, probably give the class a day off over the weekend and do some training on Clear Creek. This all depends on water flows though. The Arkansas has guaranteed flows from May 15th to August 15th – Clear Creek is all runoff so we don’t know what will happen. We may return to the Arkansas because of this and if we do we may go back to Buena Vista or possibly to Canyon City. So…during the class the trainees will see class I-IV rapids possibly class V.

Typically the trainees will only be guiding on class III and below – the trainers will guide the more challenging water. To check out and become certified you will need to be able to guide on the beginner stretch of Clear Creek which class I-III. All River gear is supplied throughout training.