When you imagine going on a white water rafting experience, you may picture yourself with burning muscles from the heavy paddling against the river’s power, soaking wet from the chilling waters splashing all over the raft, and a big smile stretched across your face from all the fun and excitement enjoyed during the adventure.  It is definitely a thrilling outdoor activity and we want to make the most of it by enjoying the fun in a safe way.

3 Most Common Whitewater Rafting Mistakes

Here are the three most common mistakes people make, when whitewater rafting.

1. Failing to drink enough water to stay hydrated. 

It is amazing how being surrounded by water can actually make you forget we need to drink it to stay healthy. It is possible that outdoor enthusiasts are so focused on quenching their adrenaline thirst that they actually forget to quench their body’s thirst. Whitewater rafting is hard work and despite the cool river water, you will be sweating from your workout. Even though our bodies might feel cold from the chilling water, we are sweating under the sun and we can get easily dehydrated.

We need to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. There are many people who don’t exactly find water an exciting beverage. If this is your case, you could spice it up a little bit with some fruit juice. The more delicious it tastes, the more likely you are to remember to drink it on your rafting trip.

Remember to bring plenty of water onboard your raft. Try to drink enough water before the trip starts and keep the alcoholic drinks to a minimum. Pay close attention to the kids, their little bodies will dehydrate faster than yours.

Rafting mistake: Slippery When Wet It is true we all need some exposure to the sun. Moderate exposure allows us to metabolize vitamin D, which helps our bodies absorb calcium for stronger, healthier bones. However, we worry about the harmful consequences of excess sun exposure. The use of sunscreen  to protect your skin from sunburn and more serious health problems, like skin cancer, is a good habit. However, there are two hidden mistakes rafters make when applying their sunscreen.

2. Putting sunscreen below your knees.  Remember, Slippery When Wet! It will make your calves slippery against the raft and it will make it harder for you to hold on with your legs and stay on board.

3. Putting sunscreen above your eyes. You will get wet and sunscreen will just wash down into your eyes, and that sucks because it itches quite a bit and you won’t be able to see clearly. Instead, it is way better to wear a hat, sunglasses and special outdoors clothes and sleeves.

Now that you are aware of these mistakes, all you need to do is take advantage of our early bird promotions and be the first one paddling against Clear Creek or Arkansas River. Contact Mile Hi Rafting today, and make the most this early 2016 rafting season.

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