White water rafting is a fun outdoor activity that promises excitement and an increase your adrenaline level. But do you really know what to expect when booking a rafting tour? Here are 3 things you can look forward to when you participate in this thrilling outdoor sport:

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Expect Getting Wet

As obvious as it sounds, some may think that being on the boat prevents you from getting in contact with the water, and that is a big mistake! White water rafting is an extreme sport, and you are definitely going to get wet. Make sure to dress in comfortable clothing and always take items that are waterproof only.

Expect to be Trained!

At Mile-Hi, safety always comes first, that is why we will make sure you have a good time and are well prepared in case something unexpected occurs. We will guide you in safety tips and ways you can help if something goes wrong. Also, we want you to ask all the questions you might have so that you feel confident in your experience and with your tour guides. We will also be instructing you on how to paddle as well as different paddling techniques.   And of course, we will provide you with all the safety equipment needed.

Expect to Have Fun!

Our primary goal is that you always have fun and a great time with your family and friends. A study on wilderness rafting found that white water rafting was touted as providing such psychological advantages as relaxation, nature appreciation, and even achievement.

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Book your White Water Rafting Adventure Today!

Mile Hi Rafting is a conveniently located stop for your rafting tour. Our location makes MileHi an ideal destination for day trips and vacations. We offer professionally guided white water rafting and ATV tours; and provide all the gear, wet suits, splash jackets, PFD, helmets and ATV’s. We have trips for any ability and adventure level! Kids are always welcome on any of our trips! We pride ourselves on being flexible and will help you arrange any combination of options to create your own experience.  Come see us for your next outdoor adventure!Mile hi rafting logo

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