The power of the outdoors is surprising, and there are many reasons why we’re lucky to be able to enjoy it.

Expressing Gratitude for The Great Outdoors

Gratitude should be expressed daily. However, this is the season where we feel the urge to officially communicate the things we’re thankful for, and there are many things on the list. From family and friends to experiences that have taught us invaluable lessons, we should take some time to acknowledge it all.

At Mile Hi Rafting, we value nature and everything it provides. In the spirit of Thanksgiving 2017, here are four reasons why we’re thankful for the great outdoors:

1) The Magical Moments

There is nothing like immersing yourself in nature. Going on a solo hike and the peace that invades you when you’re surrounded by nothing but trees and miles of trail ahead. The adrenaline that pumps through your body when you’re navigating a river in a raft, or the calm the takes over you when you’re staring at the stars on a beautiful night out camping. Those moments stay with you forever.

2) The Sun That Never Stops Shining

Even when you can’t see it, it’s there, regardless of whether it is cloudy, rainy, or foggy. The fact that you can be confident that the sun is still shining no matter what is a pretty comforting truth, wouldn’t you agree? It reminds you that there’s always something good happening.

4 Reasons to Be Thankful for Nature

3) The Breathtaking Scenery

Those beautiful places away from the all the concrete of the city that have been preserved for us to enjoy them are priceless. Trees, trails, mountains, rivers, lakes. “Breathtaking” falls short when you’re trying to describe them. We’re so lucky that our state of Colorado is jammed-packed with such amazing places.

4) The Great Workouts and Peace of Mind

Gyms are great, but they don’t measure up to how rewarding it is to get some exercise while you enjoy the outdoors. The fresh air opens your mind, gives your clarity, and it certainly helps to decrease your levels of stress. You’re one person when you leave home and another one when you get back.

There so much more to be thankful for when it comes to the great outdoors. What are you thankful for? Mile Hi Rafting wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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