Summer’s over and the best time of the year for hiking is here. Less bugs, low humidity, and the beauty of the orange, yellow and red hues of this season await. Time to hit the trails!

Fall is the Best Season to Hike and Here’s Why

Gear up because the crisp and clear days of fall are here, and what better way to celebrate than enjoying the beauty of nature this time of year? There are tons of reasons why this is the best season for hiking. Here is our top 5:

Enjoy the Fall Trees The Leaves! Oh, the Leaves!

The beautiful colors of the trees this season is something that cannot be missed. It really is time to go outside and take it all in. The autumn landscape is begging us to go outside and enjoy nature. Hiking is the perfect activity to do that.

The Most Perfect Weather

Summer is great, but once the heat is gone and the fresh breeze of the fall starts to flow, it’s like we can all breathe again. Suddenly, it’s sweater weather again and we start longing for the holiday season. Also, that clean, crisp air that’s the staple of this season makes any hike or run much more enjoyable.

No More Crowded Trails

Most people are back to work and kids are back to school, which means the crowded summer trails are now all yours for the taking. With the crowds no longer around, you can fully enjoy the peace of the great outdoors.

Mosquitoes Are Gone

Mosquitoes will certainly not be missed this time of year, and that gives you the freedom to walk around without layers and layers of bug spray on. Isn’t this great news?

Challenges You Just Enough

The tricky thing about the season change is that the days are shorter, so hikes need to be quicker if you want to get to the campsites before the sun goes down. The rain can add an additional layer of excitement and adventure, but also a little danger if you are not prepared. Make sure you gear up properly if you’re hiking in the fall.

Colorado Nature Awaits

Immerse yourself in the beauty of Colorado nature during this fall. You can plan an exciting outing that includes hiking and other activities like camping or rafting. Contact us and we’ll be happy to plan a great day outdoors.

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