How to Deal with the Most Common Family Camping Situations

Camping with family is great, especially when your kids learn to appreciate the outdoors as much as you do. However, these trips come with certain complicated situations. If you’ve ever had to live through these situations, you know how it goes. Learn how to deal with them in case they happen again.

1. Attending Natures Call in the Woods

This can be a cumbersome task when you’re camping alone or with friends, but when you’re camping with kids, the level of complexity certainly increases. First, make sure you pack unscented dryer sheets, zipper bags, toilet paper and a camp trowel. Find a more private area, where you feel comfortable but always stay a minimum of 200 ft away from water sources. When they just need to pee that’s simple, but if they need to go potty, you’ll need to use the trowel to dig a hole about six inches deep and four inches wide, where they can do their thing, then make sure you cover that hole.

Now, when it comes to the toilet paper you use, it will need to be packed out to eventually be tossed in the trash, which is why you need to carry bags with you and the dryer sheets, to throw it in the bag and mask the odor.

The Most Common Family Camping Situations and How to Deal with Them
Keeping the little ones clean is one of the toughest tasks of camping with kids

2. Disposing Diapers

The same thing you do with toilet paper will apply for diapers. They too, need to be packed out, particularly when you go primitive camping. Just throw the diapers and wet wipes in the bag with the dryer sheet and close it up until you’re ready to toss it in the trash. When you’re in a campground, this is a simpler process, as they have dumpsters available on site.

3. Taking a Shower in a Public Space

Talk about complicated, especially when you’re not a fan of the whole public shower experience. Pack your towel, biodegradable soap and shower shoes, to facilitate the process. Wearing shorts once you’re ready to get dressed, also makes things easier, since longer pants will stick to your skin when you’re still a little damp.

4. Vomit

Ah, vomit. This is certainly one sticky situation and it’s very common when you’re a parent experiencing the great outdoors with your kids. When clothes get dirty with vomit, it helps to have a bucket with you and a natural liquid soap.  Soak the clothes in soapy water and scrub them until clean. Remember to stay away from water sources, at least 200 ft., as you get ready to dispose the water. Make sure you pack a few extra sets of clothing for your children.

5. Keeping Clean When There’s No Access to Showers

When public or portable showers are not available, or they’re simply not an option, keeping clean can be a little more complicated. Pack a microfiber towel and some biodegradable soap. You can clean up by wetting that towel and using the soap, or you can resort to wet wipes instead, and maybe even some dry shampoo. Ideally, choose unscented products that don’t draw to much attention from the animals and critters around.


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