Whitewater rafting is one of the most popular outdoor activities. It is exhilarating and fun, but it also requires certain safety measures.

Safety Tips for a Fun and Safe Whitewater Rafting Adventure

Fun without preparation or care can go south real quick. Whitewater rafting season will start soon. These tips are meant to keep you safe and prepare you to make the most of this amazing outdoor adventure:

Always Raft with Professionals

Going in the water with people who don’t know much about it, is careless and dangerous. If you’re trying to enjoy your trip, don’t put yourself at risk. Especially, if you’ve never gone whitewater rafting before. Choose a place where they have licensed rafting professionals that will guide you and help you deal with any type of situation that might present itself during your ride.

Make Sure Your Life Jacket is On Right

It’s not just about wearing the life jacket, it’s more about wearing it properly. Making sure it fits right and that it is strapped and clipped on correctly is essential to start your whitewater rafting trip on the right foot.

Best Whitewater Rafting in ColoradoDon’t Underestimate Protective Gear

So, you’re wearing your life jacket. That’s great but that’s not all. Protective gear is just as important. A helmet is not really an option, it’s a must. Plus, if you go rafting with professional guides, they will most likely, not let you ride without wearing the right gear.

Learn How to Hold the Paddle Properly

It might sound dumb, but the truth is that holding the paddle right can make a huge difference in situations where safety is a concern. How should you hold it? You need one hand on the base of the paddle, on the shaft. The hand needs to be on the end of the shaft, right over the “T” grip. This will give you better control over the paddle which is important because an unattended “T’ grip can easily knock out your teeth during a bump.

Stay Calm

Panicking never helped anyone. The more calm you remain, the easier it will be for you to think and react to tough situations.

Get Ready to Whitewater Raft in Colorado

May is getting closer and closer and that means that whitewater rafting season is closer, too. If you’re a lover of adrenaline and the outdoors, surely, this is one of your favorite seasons. And if you’re new to this type of adventure, you will love it. Prepare yourself with these tips, check out our packages and book your trip with Mile Hi Rafting today. You’ll never have more fun.

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