Preserving Nature While Enjoying the Outdoors

Nature is meant to be experienced, but it’s also meant to be protected. If you’re planning an outdoor adventure, make sure you enjoy every minute of it but also leave the surroundings unspoiled, to give future generations a chance to enjoy nature the same way.

Prepare Ahead of Time

Wherever you might be going, be sure to become familiar with the regulations of that place. If possible, schedule your trip during the time of low use. Try to visit in small groups. Bring a map to avoid using flags or marking paint to outline your path. Repackage your food, so you can avoid bringing plastic packaging into nature.

Learn to Dispose of Waste Properly

You may try a million different ways to avoid it, but at some point, you are going to produce waste. What matters is that you dispose of it properly. Whatever you bring in, make sure you take out, and make sure you deposit human waste in catholes located at least 200 feet away from water.

Preserving Nature While Enjoying the OutdoorsFind a Campsite

If you’re going camping, find a nice campsite instead of making your own, as you can damage ecosystems by breaking into natural areas. Even if you do, make sure you set up your camp at least 200 feet away from water.

Be Respectful of Wildlife

Animals are beautiful, so feel free to observe them from afar but do not approach them or follow them. Avoid feeding them, as that can cause health issues. Research a little about the wildlife in the area to find out if it’s a reasonable time —nesting,  mating— for certain animals. If so, it might be best to stay away during that time.

Respect the Integrity of the Area

Admire all the beauty you come across but don’t take anything home with you. Plants, rocks, etc. should all stay where you found them.


You can enjoy nature and protect it at the same time.


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