Three months of sunny weather is not enough, but that’s what we get. When this time of the year comes, it’s all about making the most of it. It’s time for your spirit of adventure to awaken and take advantage of this amazing season.

5 Activities to Enjoy the Summer

Long, warm days are the perfect opportunity to fit in some great activities and really enjoy the summertime. So many things you could do and so little time. If you need some ideas on how to spend your summer days, here are some great picks:

Acquire a New Skill

Learning new skills keeps our brain alive and healthy. If you struggle with finding time to do the things you love, summer gives you a window of opportunity to tackle things on your to-do list. Learning new things is fun and always gives us a sense of accomplishment. You could learn a new language, try a new sport or do anything you want. So, pick a project and get started, and see how far you can go in three months.

Plan a Road Trip You’ll Never Forget

Hitting the road on your own or with friends is one of the most exciting things you can do and a great way to spend your summer. Plan out a nice route, make stops at popular places or just explore the areas where you’ll be. There’s always a new place to go.

Go Stargazing

Not all exciting celestial events happen during fall or winter. Summer is also a good time for stargazing. According to this year’s Astronomy Calendar by Sea and Sky, there will be several celestial events you can enjoy during the summer. July 27th will be a particularly exciting day, as we’ll experience a brighter Mars and a full moon.

5 Activities to Enjoy the Summer

Be a Camper

What is summer without camping? You know, the fire, the s’mores, the storytelling. Choose a great spot and experience the great outdoors. Just remember to practice camping etiquette to make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone.

Take a Break from Electronics

Did you know that according to research done by the Environmental Protection Agency  (EPA), Americans only spend about 7% of their life outdoors? That means that Americans spend 93% of their life indoors, possibly attached to their electronic devices such as computers, TVs, cell phones, etc. Summer is an excellent time to turn that around and try to increase the percentage of time you spend outdoors, and more importantly, away from electronics. It’s nice to give your brain a break from all that noise and unplug, even if just for a little while. Take on that challenge and see how you feel.


There are just three months of summer. How are you spending yours? If you’re still looking for a great plan, Mile Hi Rafting can help you customize an adventure you will remember for years to come.

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