Trail Etiquette Tips to Follow for a Happy and Safe Hike

There are so many ways to enjoy the beauty of Colorado. Some are more extreme, like whitewater rafting or ATV riding, while others are more laid back, like hiking.

It doesn’t matter if you are an experienced pro or a newbie in hiking; it is always good to be aware of hiking best practices. This way, you don’t only contribute to your enjoyment, but the enjoyment of everyone else. Here are our top trail etiquette tips:

Practice Leaving No Trace Principles

Respecting nature and taking care of the integrity of the outdoors is extremely important when deciding to go out on a hiking trip. Don’t leave any plastic, cans or any king or garbage behind. Anything that you bring with you should leave with you. Also, don’t collect rocks nor flowers to take with you. All that beauty that nature has to offer is there to be enjoyed, not destroyed.

Honor the Right of Way

Even if you don’t drive, you’re probably familiar with the concept of right-of-way from your driver’s ed class in high school. The same idea applies to the trails. It’s about ensuring order and promoting chivalry —and preventing accidents. The proper procedure states that bikers yield for hikers, and both of them yield for horses, cows, and other animals. Sometimes, it’s just easier for the hikers to get out of the way from bikers. However, bikers should never assume hikers will jump out of the way. Precaution and safety are indispensable when hiking.

Couple hikingAlways Consider the Size of Your Group

Most Colorado trails will allow groups of up to 15 people, so before you head out on your adventure, find out the proper details so can plan your hike accordingly.

Keep Music to Yourself

Outdoor adventures are usually best enjoyed without music. That certainly doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with music. If you enjoy listening to your favorite hiking playlist while you’re on the trail, that’s ok. But in that case, it is best to use headphones and not disturb fellow hikers who might prefer to listen to the sounds of nature.

Stick Within Established Routes

There’s a fundamental reason why there are designated trails on every hike. They are meant to preserve the plants and ecosystems around them, in addition to keeping people from getting lost. Avoid getting off the trails for the sake of nature and your own.


Have a happy and safe hike!


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