Mile Hi UTV Tour Packages

Allow the whole family to experience long, extended drives through the mountains with Mile Hi Rafting.  Our ATV and UTV tours provide incredible, scenic views combining wildflowers and wildlife in the Colorado Rockies.   Our guides will take you into the backcountry, deep in Clear Creek County to give you the insider’s tour of the Colorado Rockies!  Pick your UTV package below, or we can customize any package options you choose!

Rail and UTV Tour

Railroad tour


This package gives you a little historic tour on the Georgetown Loop narrow gauge railroad.  You will ride the train to the ‘End of the Line’ for a complimentary ice cream cone.  Following the train, you will view the scenic beauty from a UTV on a mountain safari.  You will not want to forget your camera for this one!  On the train, you also have the option of upgrading to the First Class Parlor Car.  It is an enclosed car with food and beverages available- all for less than $10 per person!  One of the stops the train makes is to Lebanon Mines, and for only $12, you can have an enhanced Mine Tour in the historic mines before completing your journey.

Polaris Ranger UTV tourHorseback and UTV


You can’t beat this adventure package with a 1 hour horseback ride with AA Stables and a 1 hour UTV Mountain Safari!  With this tour, you will be able to see four of Colorado’s Fourteener’s.  You will be traveling some of the same trails those of old traveled when settling Idaho Springs into the booming gold town it quickly became.  You get to tour through a piece of history, and with the same mode of transportation, as well!

A Little Bit of Everything

rafting trip

The UTV Family Multi Element package combines white water rafting, a picnic and a UTV mountain safari!  You will take the UTV’s for your mountain safari tour and proceed to a riverside where you will enjoy a delicious lunch.  Following the picnic by the river, you will end your day with our ‘Sure Shot’ white water rafting trip.  This rafting trip is perfect for beginners.  We begin our rafters with Class II rapids so you can get accustomed to the river.  As you build your skill, we increase the level to Class III rapids.  With this package, there is a 50 pound minimum for rafting.

What To Wear

This is not the kind of adventure you will want to wear your heels on.  You will want to wear tennis shoes, sneakers, trainers, or any other combination of workout shoes.  Be sure to bring a light jacket, you never know when it may rain in the Rockies!   Other than a jacket, bring water, camera, sunscreen, a cell phone and you are set for adventure!

Make Your Mile Hi UTV Tour Reservation Today!

UTV Tour Mile Hi

Reservations are recommended to be sure there is an opening for your specific date and time.  We are a family owned and operated company.  We want our guests to have personalized attention down to the detail on any tour or camping excursion.  Our family has been in the mountains for over 75 years and excited to share this mountain experience with you.  We love sharing our knowledge of the history of Clear Creek County with you along with the breathtaking scenery!  Book your tour today!

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