Who doesn’t love to gather around a fire pit, toast some marshmallows and tell some stories? There’s certainly something special about bonding around an open fire. To make sure the experience is as pleasant as possible, there are certain things to consider to ensure safety.

5 Tips for a Safe Campfire

When you think about setting up a campfire, what comes to mind? Gathering a bunch of sticks, lighting a match and throwing it in. There’s more to it than just, especially, if you want to do it in a safe manner.

On your next camping adventure, consider these tips before building the perfect campfire:

Look Around to Find the Right Location

The perfect place for a campfire is not just one that looks nice and has enough space. Make sure there are no branches hanging low on top of you and that there’s nothing nearby that could easily catch fire. Keep your campfire at least 10 feet away from your stuff, like your tent, food, etc.

Assess the Fire Pit

If the campground you’re at has a fire pit, make sure you check it out before using it. Clean up any debris that might have been left by previous campers, surround the pit with rocks, and keep anything and everything that is flammable far from the fire.

Always Have Water Handy

Be sure to keep water nearby, just in case you need it to put out the fire in an emergency.  A shovel is also another item to keep handy.

5 Tips for a Safe Campfire
Always make sure the fire dies out completely before leaving it unattended

Pay Close Attention

Whatever happens, someone must keep an eye on the fire at all times. And whoever does, should have a backup, just in case.

Always Put Out the Fire

Never just leave the fire to die out on its own. Make sure you extinguish it all the way before you go to bed. You can throw some water or dirt on it, just to make sure it won’t start up again while you’re sleeping.


Camping in Colorado is an activity that cannot be missed. Next time you’re heading out on your camping adventure, you’ll know how to have fun and be safe around a campfire.

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