Camping fun all on its own, but how do we make it even more fun? Here are some fun activities to do while you enjoy the outdoors that can turn a regular camping trip into an unforgettable experience.

Activities to Make the Most Out of Your Camping Trip

Create priceless memories, bond with your friends and family, and have tons of fun with these activities, from relaxing around the campfire to more intense activities. You’ll never have a boring camping trip again.

Campfire Activities in Colorado

Campfire Games

I Spy

A simple guessing game that can bring tons of fun. If it’s not too dark out, this is a great choice. One person says “I spy something blue” and the others must try and guess what it is based on simple clues. Once someone guesses, that person can go next.

Study the Stars

If you’re out far enough to see the stars, why not take some time to study them? Bring a sky chart with you and try to identify the stars and constellations.

Alphabet Lists

If you have elementary age children with you, this game is great to work on their alphabet letters. Choose a team and start naming things related to that team in alphabetical order. For example: let’s say the topic is Wild Animals. The game would go like this: A is for Anaconda, B is for Bear, C is for Cheetah… and so on.

Water Activities

There are so many exciting things you can do in the water: fish, swim, or skipping stones contests. However, whitewater rafting might be the most exciting.

Techy Treasure Hunts

If you can’t put your phone down and you’re into high-tech fun, location-based games might be just the games for you. Download one of those apps and go out and find “treasures” around your camping area.

Camping in Cold Creek
NPS Photo by Kris Illenberger

Explore Nature

If you’re spending time outdoors is because you enjoy nature. The best part of camping is taking in all the beautiful diversity that’s out there. You can come across some wonderful animals while camping, hiking, or biking in Clear Creek, Colorado. Wildlife viewing while on your Colorado camping adventure is awesome.

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