Mile Hi Rafting Company, just 30 minutes from Denver, offers outdoor adventure for outdoor enthusiasts. We offer ATV and UTV tours and full overnight camping excursions; and help you plan your perfect outdoor day! As proud inhabitants of Colorado, we’re always on top of the latest events that concern us and our guests!

Number one advice: Be prepared

Winter weather is very unpredictable, and you never know when you’ll get stranded on a closed road or get stuck in a snowstorm. Having an emergency kit in the trunk will save you of an unfortunate situation. A winter emergency kit might include: set of jumper cables, a first-aid kit, a bag of an abrasive material like cat litter or sand, a tow rope, snow shovel, flashlight, ice scraper, blankets, winter outerwear (gloves, hats, scarves), flares, drinking water and plenty healthy caloric snacks. Make sure to dress appropriately (layers in winter is a must!); and,  before hitting the road, notify a friend or relative about your trip, the route you’re taking and the expected time of arrival. It’s preferable to drive in daylight hours, and make sure not to start your trip with less than a full tank.

Precautions on the road

When driving with snow, make sure to turn on your headlamps and slow down. Remember that the brakes of your car won’t work the same in wet road as they do on dry pavement. Be on the lookout for frozen patches on the road, especially on bridges and overpasses which tend to freeze quicker than paved roads. Be sure to test your brakes periodically to determine their traction according to the road’s conditions. If the conditions turn very slick and the visibility is reduced, it’s best to pull off on a safe zone. Once you pull off, turn on your hazard lights and hang a distress flag from the antenna. Seek for shelter, but if there’s nowhere to go stay inside the car and wait for the weather to change positively. Call for assistance if the weather doesn’t improve.

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Getting your car unstuck from snow

When driving with snow, it’s best to pull off if the visibility is reduced and the road’s conditions are not appropriate to drive. While waiting for weather conditions to improve, take out your blankets from the emergency kit, we previously recommended to keep in your car. If your car gets stuck in the snow where you pulled off, or because of heavy snow, avoid trying to get it out by spinning too much because you will end up digging the vehicle deeper into the snow. The best strategy to get it out is to “rock” the vehicle back and forth. Engage the lowest gear and slowly start moving your car from where it is, even if it’s just an inch or two that it moves. Then hit the brakes, put the car in reverse and do the same process again. Remember to use sand or cat litter under the tires, which you have safely stored in your emergency kit! For lack of a similar material, you may throw under the car’s floor mats or some tree branches.

Jumping your car’s battery

If your car’s battery dies while waiting on the snow, take out your jumper cables and stop a friendly soul that will lend you their car’s power. Make sure the running car parks as closely as possible to your car, head-to-head is best. Have the running car driver switch off ignition. Open both hoods and locate the batteries, they might be under a plastic cover. Locate the charging points, which are usually marked in yellow, and connect the cables correspondingly. The positive end of the cable must be connected to the good battery and the positive terminal on the dead battery. The negative connections must be connected the same way. Start again the running car and then give it a try to start the dead battery’s car. If nothing happens, check the cables to make sure they’re correctly connected and give it another try. If you’re not successful, call for assistance.

Road Closed


Mile Hi Rafting’s convenient location makes it an ideal destination for day trips and vacations.  Whether you are heading out for your day of adventure or coming back from one-stop by for an ATV tour to finish your day. We offer child and group discounts. Come see us for your next adventure!

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