Look Around for These Beautiful Flowers on Your Next Colorado Adventure

If you decide to immerse yourself in nature at Rocky Mountain National Park this sunny season, don’t forget to look down and enjoy the beautiful view, filled with colors and aromas.

Here are three beautiful flowers you should be on the lookout for:

Colorado Columbine

As the State flower, it is definitely, one of the most loved flowers here in Colorado. A wildly beautiful and complex flower. They blossom shy, but when you find one, you know the search was worth it. Five white inner petals covered by five outer petals, that combine deep, beautiful purple and blue hues.

In addition to this flower’s beauty, they carry delicious nectar, making them a sweet snack for bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

Wildflowers Elephantella

A plant that grows erect and can reach a height of up to 80 centimeters. The stem is covered with beautiful large bright pink flowers. They get their name because of their pointed beak that curves upwards, resembling the trunk of an elephant, and the lateral lobes of the flower simulate the ears of an elephant.

They are part of the Snapdragon family and are often found in clusters in marshy, wet areas. If you encounter one, make sure to look for the elephant in an individual flower. There might be one in there looking right back at you.

 Wood Lily

A star-shaped flower with six orange and red petals, with purple hues. Each stem holds two to three blossoms. These beautiful flowers are not the easiest to find; in fact, they tend to be very rare. If you are on a treasure hunt for them, you need to look in the more willowed and moist areas of the mountains.


And these are just the top three! But there are many beautiful and impressive flowers to enjoy in the Colorado State during summertime. So, on your next adventure, take advantage of the view.

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