Benefits of Spending Time in Nature

Today, our lives are mostly ruled by technology. Days and hours are spent in front of laptops, TVs, and cellphones, but a break is always nice. More than nice, taking a break from all that is necessary.

Going out into nature has been shown to have a positive impact on human health. Whether you go for a hike, a run in the woods, take a walk in the park, swim in the ocean, go whitewater rafting, or play in the snow, spending time in natural environments can improve your mental and physical health.

Here are five benefits of spending time in nature.

Improves Short-Term Memory

A study by the University of Michigan showed that students that took a test after having taken a walk in nature did about 20% better than those who took a walk in the city. There is a significant difference between taking a walk in urban environments versus taking a walk in a natural environment.

Brings Down Inflammation

There are many reasons why inflammation may be caused, and many ways to treat it, however, spending time in nature might be the simplest way to keep that under control. Research has shown a difference in the levels of inflammation of students that spend time outdoors — in the forest, compared to those who spent time in the city.

friends with a van in natureHelps Fight Mental Health Issues Like Anxiety and Depression

Being surrounded by nature has a soothing effect. Don’t you think? It turns out it is scientifically proven that spending time in nature —particularly when combined with exercise— can lower levels of anxiety, improve your mood, aid in depression, and even help improve your self-esteem.

Promotes Creative Thinking

“Nature therapy” can help improve cognitive functioning and help give your creative problem-solving skills a boost.

Helps You Focus

Natural environments can “reset you” and help improve your attention. In kids, spending time in nature can help with ADHD. Just spending 20 minutes in the park could help them concentrate better.


Your next adventure could be super fun, and it could also be great for your health!

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