Synchronizing your free time with holidays and weekends isn’t always possible. In fact, sometimes it may seem that holidays fall when you are at your busiest. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean you have to feel hopeless as all your friends and family are enjoying their time off. There are many interesting and fun ways to enjoy the outdoors and have a pleasant time. Some of them are just a short drive from Denver.

Colorado is blessed with beautiful wilderness. And being stuck in the city is no excuse for not enjoying the outdoors. Just three hours away from Denver, you can find all the excitement and fun you need to get rid of that stress. Come visit the Arkansas River , take back your peace of mind, and revitalize your soul.

Taylor River, Colorado.Wide Range Of Outdoor Activities

The Arkansas River is the most popular rafting river in America! From its headwaters at the historic mining area around Leadville, Colorado; through scenic mountain towns like Buena Vista and Salida, Colorado; to the breathtaking Royal Gorge and beyond!

Colorado’s Arkansas River has some of the nation’s most exciting whitewater and amazing mountain views. The Arkansas is open for rafting from April until Labor Day.  According to the Arkansas River Outfitters Association’s forecast, The Bighorn Sheep Canyon and the Royal George sections of the river right now are raftable for adventurers with technical skills. Which means there is a good chance that the river’s conditions will get better sooner than expected.

You can also enjoy more than 102 miles of Gold Medal Trout fishing. Beautiful sites, a great friendly environment, plus hundreds of heavy trout will welcome you at the Arkansas River. To receive a Gold Medal designation, a body of water must consistently support a minimum trout standing stock of 60 pounds per acre, as well as consistently support a minimum of 12 quality trout (trout larger than 14 inches) per acre. The Arkansas River has met these standards since 1999, and exceeded the requirements in 2012 with an average of 170.3 pounds per acre, and 75 trout larger than 14 inches per acre. So, there is a good chance that even the worst angler in the world might catch something.

Mile Hi Family funCamping And Other Adventures

The Upper Arkansas River valley offers endless Colorado outdoor fun and recreation. After your whitewater rafting or fishing trip, set your campsite and relax under a marvelous sky filled with blinking stars. Rest surrounded by a cozy fire as you recover your strengths with a hot chocolate and toasted marshmallows. Next day, you can conclude your adventure with an exciting ATV tour or a revitalizing hike.

Don’t think twice, get in your car and after a short 3-hour drive, you will be enjoying some of Colorado’s most exciting adventures. Remember to contact us at Mile Hi Rafting and save money booking one of our early rafting packages.

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