There is something magical when we are able to see a wild animal in its natural habit. It doesn’t matter what kind of animal. If we can behold it for a while and share its space and freedom, it provides an incredible sense of peace, tenderness, and kindness.

Sometimes we are fortunate enough and some little creature, like a squirrel, for example, might visit our home and entertain us a bit.

Amongst humans’ favorite visitors are birds, probably because they are safe and beautiful, easy to attract, and they’re usually filled with color, joy and give music to our environment.

However, if we are not careful, we might attract other animals that even if they are charming, they might not be so easy to deal with, such as bears. During this time of year, bears and many other wild animals are in mating season, and they will be looking for food.

Today, Mile Hi Rafting will like to share with you some tips to attract birds to your home and avoid attracting other unpleasant visitors.


Attracting Birds

Before trying to feed birds try providing water. Water, especially running water, actually does a better job of attracting a wider variety of birds year round than a bird feeder.

Birds seem to prefer their baths at ground level but raised baths and fountains also attract birds. Change water daily to keep it fresh and clean.

Other options are nest boxes. With fewer dead trees being allowed to stand and provide nesting cavities, nest boxes are becoming more important for birds these days.


Bird feeders are excellent tools to attract birds to your place, but the sight and smell can attract bears as well. Bird seed has lots of calories — over 12,000 in a typical 7-pound feeder. Feeders are usually easy for bears to recognize and reach.

Once bears discover bird feeders, they’ll often visit every home in an area looking for more. Colorado Parks and Wildlife recommends bringing your feeders in every night before sundown or hanging them out of reach.

Bears are excellent climbers so you need to hang your feeder at least 10 feet away from the ground and anything it can climb, including deck posts and exterior stairs.

Bears are pretty smart. Some have been seen sitting under feeders for hours, trying to figure out how to get them down. Don’t use a simple rope pulley to bring your feeder up and down for filling — bears are smart enough to figure out how it works. Use a clip-style latch bears can’t open.

Go to Them…

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