Enjoy the Beauty of Fall Atop an ATV

We can all agree that Fall in Colorado is one of the most beautiful seasons of the year. The colors of autumn are something that must be enjoyed up close, and probably the most fantastic way to do that is by going on an outdoor adventure atop an ATV.

ATV riding is definitely, a popular adventure throughout the year. Every season is a special one for an adventure of this type, but there is an absolute beauty in the autumn that can only be experienced when you immerse yourself in nature. Plus, riding through the Colorado trails on an all-terrain vehicle, feeling the cool fall breeze against your face, watching the trees full of colorful leaves pass by is truly an amazing experience.

This adventure provides the perfect balance between the rush of adrenaline of riding and the peace of nature. The Rocky Mountains offer the ideal scenario for you to get deep into the mountains and watch, feel, and breathe the magic of fall.

Fall in Love with the Best Mile Hi ATV Adventures

ATV riding tips2 hour ATV Tour & Overnight Remote Camping

If you’re into exploring, this is for you. Hop on an ATV for a 2-hour trip through Silver Creek and spend the night camping at a great spot of your choice. This package is a two-part trip. After the first part, you will have a chance to explore, and then in the morning, you will meet up with your guides for the second part of your exciting journey.

Deluxe Full-Day Multi-Element

Let’s talk about this great combo. This package is also a 2-hour trip but includes lunch and a Blast rafting trip. If you’re looking for excitement, this option is a winner!

Full-Day Multi-Element

A day filled with excitement ahead. This package includes a 1-hour ATV tour in the morning, a nice picnic lunch by the river and then a Blast whitewater rafting trip in the afternoon. You can also sub in the Sure Shot beginner raft for the Blast trip.


Fall is just around the corner. Are you ready to experience the colors of the season on an ATV?

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