Common Mistakes ATV Beginners Make

So you are going on your first ATV trail ride? Well, just like any other new experience, there are certain precautions you must take. At Mile-Hi Rafting we care about our customers, so we have put together some of the most common mistakes ATV beginners make. The objective is to educate people so they can avoid crashes, rollovers, and serious injuries. Whether you are riding on your own land or are heading out to ride on a public trial, we want you to enjoy the ride and make it a memorable experience. Avoiding the following mistakes is key to a successful adventure:

“I feel safe factor”

Just because you wear the right gear, it doesn’t mean you are exempt from harm. Beginners tend to feel overly confident leading to careless and more aggressive driving than their experience should allow. That comes with a higher risk of accidents. New riders should remember that confidence comes with time. So, to make out the most of your adventure, remember to follow the driving recommendations that your ATV guide will provide you with before your adventure starts.

Common Mistakes ATV Beginners MakeLooping-Out

This action is one of the top causes of rolling over. That happens when you hit the gas too hard, the front end will spike up, almost like a bucking horse. This can throw you on your back, pinned underneath the vehicle and boom!

Riding Alone

If you are a beginner at this amazing outdoor activity with basic knowledge, you might want to do your own thing. However, if you get stuck in the middle of nowhere, or your battery dies, or have a flat tire, or you run out of gas, it is always best if you have other riders besides you. Don’t you think?

ATV riding tips

Stay tuned for more ATV riding tips.

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