Take Your Bachelorette Party Outdoors!

If you’re taking a trip down the aisle, a celebration is definitely in order. For someone with an adventurous personality, you might want more than a few drinks over brunch or a weekend in Vegas. You might want to go on an adventure of your own —with your best girls, of course— before you say “I do.” Going on a Colorado rafting adventure might be exactly, what you’re looking for.

Here are some of the reasons why a rafting bachelorette party is an excellent alternative to the traditional celebration.

Unique and Memorable

How many rafting bachelorette parties have you been to? If you want to do something out of the ordinary, a white water rafting trip is precisely that. You and your friends can experience the thrill of the outdoors, be one with nature, release stress, and recharge your batteries right before the wedding, while you’re in for an incredibly fun ride!

woman in front of lakeRequires Minimal Planning

You’re already planning a wedding, and that’s enough stress on its own. Some brides like to plan their bachelorette parties, and some delegate it to their maid of honor, but honestly, it takes time and effort to plan a successful bachelorette party. When you decide to have a whitewater rafting bachelorette party, you can relax knowing that planning will be super simple. All you have to do is choose a great destination, like Clear Creek or the Arkansas River, pick a date and book the next adventure. Easy-peasy.

Customized to Your Liking

When you choose Mile Hi Rafting for your rafting bachelorette party, you have plenty of options. You can either spend the day with us on the river —that’s already plenty fun— or turn it into a full-blown adventure by selecting one of our packages, adding some ATV riding or camping to your trip.


Why not go on a big outdoor adventure before embarking on the journey of a lifetime?

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