During the last weeks, we have developed several topics regarding wild animals, how to act and react when facing an encounter. We’ve done this because at this time of year many wild animals are pretty active, looking for food, mates and living their lives.

We seem to forget that we share the planet with billions of species and breeds of animals and when we meet one near our home or neighborhood, it is pretty common to mistakenly feel that we are being invaded, but the truth is that the only animal that invades others territories are humans.

We often hear in Colorado, of people complaining about a bear visiting their home, but only people can prevent conflicts with bears and it is our duty to protect our home, families, and property.

Now, how can we avoid bears becoming an unpleasant visitor? On recent posts, we shared how to attract birds avoiding bears. Today, Mile Hi Rafting would like to share some tips on how to make your home bear proof.

Keep Them Out

As silly as it may sound, try keeping your doors and windows closed when leaving the house or going to bed. Many bears that enter homes do so through an unlocked or open window or door.

Bears follow their super-sensitive noses to anything that smells like food, and can follow scents from up to five miles away.

Avoid keeping pet food, bird seed, or other attractants in your garage, even in a freezer. If you can’t avoid this, keep your garage door closed at all times.

Also, make sure there is no candy, food or anything that produces an odor inside your car and keep all windows closed. Even scented candles, air fresheners, soaps and lotions can attract bears.

Bears are great climbers. Therefore, it is recommended removing any tree limbs that might provide access to upper-level decks and windows.

It is advised to use round doorknobs on the exterior of your home. Bears are clever, and they can easily open a lever-style door.

Hiking Gear

Already Here!

If the furry fellow is already outside your house, try to scare it away making loud noises, like a firm yell, clapping your hands, banging on pots and pans or blowing an air horn. These tricks send most bears running.

If a bear enters your home, open doors and windows and make sure it can leave the same way it got in. Don’t approach the bear or block escape routes and call 911 as soon as possible.

Bears are magnificent animals. They as well as all the living creatures have a right to share the planet. Let’s do our part and protect them from us.

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