Can’t wait for the rafting season to arrive?

Even though many of us love winter, and winter outdoor activities and sports… We can’t wait for the rafting season to arrive. It is true that we are still a couple of months away, but time does fly, especially when Colorado has so much to offer in wilderness experiences!

If you look forward to summer and its great outdoor adventures, I have great news for you. Right now, Mile Hi Rafting is taking early reservations for all of those whitewater rafting lovers and outdoor enthusiasts who want to jump into the water and measure their paddling skills against the power of nature. Take advantage of our early promotions and save money, as you get ready to battle against Clear Creek and Arkansas River.

MileHi Rafting trips coming this SpringPaddling All Season

If you just can’t get enough, and you can’t seem to quench your adrenaline thirst, we are happy to announce that this 2016; we will continue our river guide training. This way you can not only considerably increase your rafting skills, but you could also become part of the great Mile Hi Family.

We have developed a rigorous 10-day guide-training program that meets and exceeds the requirements of Colorado Statute 33-32-105.5 which provides for the minimum qualifications of a professional river guide. During the class, we will have a couple of nights camping where everyone chips in for food and camping fees. Upon completion of Colorado state requirements and a “successful” check-out run down the river, you can obtain Colorado State Certification to be a professional whitewater rafting guide. All river gear is supplied throughout the training.

Other Activities

Just because summer isn’t here yet, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in the outdoors. Mile Hi Rafting offers a wide range of amazing adventures you can enjoy during winter. Visit us and tame the wild Rocky Mountains on top of your personal ATV. Navigate your way on historic mining trails, through the scenic Rocky Mountains enjoying breathtaking vistas of the Continental Divide and Mt Evans.

Mile Hi UTV winter fun in Clear Creek CountyIf you are not experienced in ATV riding, there is nothing to worry about. There are many trails to choose from offering something for every ability and thrill level. You will start with safety and operational instruction on your ATV. Then, practice in our flat parking lot until familiar with your vehicle. All tours include a professional guide, safety video, ATV, helmet, and operational and safety instruction.

Waste no more time. Get off of that couch and enjoy the outdoors with Colorado’s best adventure provider. Take advantage of our early promotions and save money on your whitewater rafting trip, or become a rafting guide and enjoy the rapids the whole season. Remember to bump up the fun, and add camping to any selected tour.

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