Nature has healing powers and connecting with them could be the source of your well-being.

Forest Bathing is Real and Could Help You Feel Better

It’s undeniable that nature makes you feel good. There have been books and poetry written about it. The feeling of those rays of sunshine peeking through the leaves and shining on your skin, the clean and crisp air, the relaxing sounds of the forest. If you think you’re on to something whenever you spend time outdoors, you’re not alone.

The Japanese are now recommending this practice called “forest bathing” and it’s more than just a walk in the woods. The term comes from the Japanese term ‘shinrin-yoku’, which means “taking in the forest atmosphere”. It might sound strange, but it’s just about really taking it all in when you go for a hike in the woods. Forest bathing is about truly immersing yourself in the outdoor experience by using your senses in touching, smelling, and listening to the forest that surrounds you.

This practice encourages you to really be present rather than just taking a stroll without actually enjoying absolutely everything that surrounds you. Nature can inject energy and vitality back into you and help restore your mood, making you feel more relaxed and rejuvenated.

Forest Bathing is Real and Could Help You Feel Better
Immersing yourself outdoors can be beneficial to your health

How Forest Bathing Came to Be

Although by its name, this practice is relatively new to many of us, it actually was included as part of the Japanese public health program back in 1982, when they found that spending time in nature can help reduce stress levels and boost mental well-being. Recently, scientists have discovered that spending time outdoors can help lower blood pressure, decrease feelings of anxiety, stress, and depression, and even improve brain function.

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