Why Late Season Rafting Makes for a Great Adventure

Rafting season starts in early May and ends in late August. The first few months are super intense and fun but does that mean late season trips aren’t fun? No. Not at all.

Of course, as the season slowly comes to an end, the rivers aren’t as fierce, but late-season conditions still make for really great rafting trips.

Great Time for Family Trips

Big water can be scary for small children. If you’re interested in taking your little ones on a big adventure but still keep things family-friendly, low water season is the perfect time for a rafting trip.

Gives a Full Workout

Maybe there’s not as much water as before, but there are more rocks, and that means more paddling involved. Trust us. Your arms, back, shoulders, and core will have to do some work. But what’s a little sweat compared to the opportunity of being surrounded by the beauty of nature? It’s all part of the experience. 💪

Whitewater classificationSlow Flows Extend the Adventure

Sure. The river might move slower, but that will lead to your trip being a little longer. You will have more time to enjoy the beauty of your surroundings, the river, and you might even have some time to dip your feet in the water. Why not?

Crowds Fade in Late August

After school starts, it is not as common to see entire families on rafting trips or vacationing in the area. With some planning, your family could enjoy a less crowded river this time of year. That would also be a great time to book a rafting trip for you and someone special or a group of friends. You still experience the inevitable adrenaline rush of a whitewater rafting trip but in a calmer environment.


If you couldn’t make time for a Colorado adventure at the beginning of rafting season, don’t worry about it. There’s still time, and it will be just as fun!

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