The outdoors can be experienced alone, but sharing that experience with someone can make it so much better. The right hiking partner can bring a whole different element to your hiking trip.

Tips to Spot to the Ideal Hiking Companion

Hiking with a partner can be a great experience or a great disaster. A partner should be someone you can rely on and trust. Both of you should be committed to the adventure you’re embarking on; otherwise, your trip might end up being everything you didn’t want it to be. If you’re scouting for the perfect hiking partner, you should take a few things into account so you can make the right call.

Pay Attention to Their Behavior Off the Trail

What that person is like in their natural environment will definitely translate into what they’ll be like outdoors. Someone who avoids chores, has no respect for other people’s property, doesn’t know how to share or is very pessimistic, is probably not the person you want to be alone with while in the middle of nowhere.

Go for a Partner with an Adventurous Spirit

If an adventure partner is what you’re after, that person better have an adventurous spirit. Someone who feels at home when they’re surrounded by nature and who is not afraid to take risks, but is willing to face their fears instead. That spirit is contagious, which is why it’s the best partnership. Of course, taking risks doesn’t mean being oblivious to danger.

Knowledge Exchange is ValuableFind Someone Whose Skills Complement Yours

Finding a like-minded individual who shares your love of the outdoors is fantastic, but you don’t need to be exactly the same. You might be an excellent cook, while your partner is great at setting up tents. It’s a great thing when you can learn skills from your companion, and he/she can learn from you, too.

Good Communication and Emotional Intelligence are Great Traits

Communication is key in all relationships, even hiking partnerships. Find a person who you can fluidly communicate with and vice versa, someone who knows how to deal with a crisis. An individual who is emotionally intelligent will typically make better decisions.

Conquer the Colorado Trails

Once you find a great partner, all you need is a great trail you can hike together. At Mile Hi Rafting we are ready to help you plan your next Colorado adventure. You could also add wheels to your trip and go on an ATV tour in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

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