Imagine riding an All Terrain Vehicle, commonly known as ATV, through tree tunnels in the Rockies’ trails… Wind in your face and nothing but spectacular views of Colorado. ATV Tours are one of our all-time favorite choices for outdoors fun in the Fall.

Mile Hi is a local family owned and operated company in Clear Creek County, just 30 minutes from Denver. And because taking care of you is paramount to us, we are sharing today some safety and riding tips so that your adventure is as fun and secure as possible.

ATV Tours Near Denver



Driving a powerful machine as an ATV is an exhilarating and adrenaline combusting experience. Nonetheless, safety measures have to be taken into consideration at all times. It may seem obvious, but driving under the effects of alcohol or drugs can risk your life or the life of others, that’s why this has always been a no no. Another basic and essential factor is the gear you wear. At Mile Hi we will provide you with a helmet, which is the single piece that will protect you from serious injury in case of an accident. Along the lines of safety, it’s important to keep the vehicles in good shape and inspect them before any ride… we got this covered, no need to worry!

Riding an ATV 101: Engines on!

MileHI tours winterIt doesn’t matter if you haven’t ridden an ATV before, we will teach you! After watching our safety video, and having our qualified guides instruct you on safety and operational procedures, it’s time to practice. You will be able to practice in our flat parking lot until you feel comfortable enough. Here it’s important you go over starting and stopping the vehicle, breaking and acquiring a good posture, which will help you maintain balance while driving. Also, you’ll get a chance to practice in a terrain similar to what you’ll experience in the trails. Getting a hold of standing up and leaning with the vehicle is a technique used in rocky and steep terrains and will also give you some cushion when going over bumps. When riding in the trails always keep your right and be on the lookout for any objects on the road. Never break suddenly, it’s best if you decrease the speed first. Decreasing speed is also recommended when making a turn, on a curve or whenever you feel like it, follow your gut! And lastly, remember, the most important tip of all is to enjoy the ride!



Mile Hi offers professionally guided ATV and UTV tours and camping excursions near Denver.  We provide all the gear for your adventures.  We have trips for any ability and adventure level!  Our pricing and location make it ideal for day trips and vacations.  Kids are always welcome on any of our trips!  We pride ourselves in being flexible and will help you arrange any combination of options to create your own experience.

Call us today to create your wildlife-viewing adventure excursion!


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