When you have no children, camping is easy breezy. Bringing babies with your on your camping trip is a game changer. A little planning can make the best out of your camping experience with your little ones.

Camping with Your Baby Can Be Just as Fun

Taking a baby on a camping trip definitely changes things up, but outdoor life is so beautiful that there is no reason why not to get the smallest in the family involved from an early age. Do it right and you’ll have one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Do it wrong and things will go in the opposite direction. Here are three tips to help you on this new experience:

Adjust Your Camping Expectations

First things first. Before you even leave the house, you have to acknowledge that this time around things will be a little different. If your baby is coming with you, certain things will be compromised. You might need to slow down the pace on that morning hike, you might not be able to wander off as you would have done on your own, or maybe you won’t get a chance to lay under the stars without being interrupted. The beauty is in the new experience and getting to share that with your baby. Whatever you do, remember to have fun.

Pack like a champ when camping with babiesPack Like a Boss

Pro tip: don’t pack too much, and don’t pack too little. It’s all about balance. The last thing you want is to have to carry pounds and pounds worth of unnecessary baby stuff – or your own stuff. There’s no room for that on this trip. Make sure you have everything you need but don’t over-pack.

Pamper Yourself with Comfort

This is essential. You might be leaving your house to spend a night in the outdoors, but that doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable., especially when you’re trying to rest. Get yourself a good air mattress, pack your favorite pillow, and take your favorite books and toys with you. A little extra comfort never hurt anyone.

Time to Plan A Family Adventure

At Mile Hi Rafting, we can help you plan the best outdoor experience of your life. Camping can be added to our ATV and rafting tours. We’re sure you’ll love a day full of exciting activities with your family. Children under 12 can camp free with adults.

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