What Wildlife to Expect

Wildlife viewing while on your Colorado camping adventure is awesome. So, while you are out in the wild, keep an eye out for creatures small and big. Observe animals from a discreet distance – safe for you and safe for the animals. You can get “close” by using a spotting scope, a camera with a telephoto lens, or binoculars. Let’s take a look at some wonderful animals that you may come across while camping, hiking, or biking in Clear Creek, Colorado.

Bighorn Sheep

The bighorn sheep has the honor of being the symbol of the Colorado Division of Wildlife and Colorado’s official mammal. The state of Colorado is home to the largest population of the species anywhere.

Black Bears

They are the largest of Colorado’s carnivores after grizzly bears. Although called black bears, they can be blond, brown, black, cinnamon, or honey-colored. They may have a white spot on their chest or a tan muzzle.

ChipmunksWildlife viewing Colorado

Colorado is home to five species of chipmunks: Colorado Chipmunk, Cliff Chipmunk, Hopi Chipmunk, the Least Chipmunk, and Uinta Chipmunk.


Typically, foxes are opportunistic feeders that hunt live prey, and they live in small family groups. Using a pouncing method practiced from an early age, they are usually able to kill their prey quickly (especially rodents). They also like a wide variety of foods ranging from grasshoppers to fruit and berries.


The North American moose is the largest extant species in the deer family. These are solitary animals and do not form herds. Although sedentary and slow-moving, they can become aggressive and move surprisingly quickly if angered or startled.

Mountain Goats

These animals were introduced deliberately to Colorado to expand hunting opportunities. The first such introduction was in 1947.

Mountain Lions

The mountain lion is also called a catamount, cougar, panther, puma, or just plain lion. It is Colorado’s largest cat; adult mountain lions are more than six feet long, with a graceful, black-tipped tail that is 32 inches long. They weigh 130 pounds or more. The color is reddish to buffy and paler below.

Stay tuned to discover more wildlife animals in Clear Creek.

Camping at Clear Creek

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