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Working on the river is a privilege we enjoy daily at Mile Hi Rafting. The lessons taught by both the river and our guests teach us every day!

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To become a guide, you must complete an ACA Swiftwater Rescue Level 4 Course. A guide needs to be at least 18 years old. A guide must have a minimum of 50 hours of on-river training utilizing paddle rafts and any other equipment that the guide will be using on regulated trips.

Careers With Us

Raft guide training begins each year in early May. Trainees will learn to guide paddle rafts on the Clear Creek and Arkansas rivers. Being a whitewater rafting guide is a challenging, and rewarding endeavor. Please read the Raft Guide Training section of our website.

The Clear Creek is the steepest commercially rafted river in the country. Safety is our number one concern at Mile Hi Rafting. If you have strong bracing techniques and a bomb proof roll, come work with us! Perfect your craft. Put your super skills to work.

As we say each day; “Lets give it up for (insert drivers name)! The most important person in our lives right now.” As a driver for Mile Hi Rafting you have a front row seat of the action all Summer long. In addition to dropping us off and picking us up, the driver will often follow a trip down the river and perform safety below different sections of rapids.

Be an action photographer. I mean right now. We have the experience to train you how to make it happen. We document our clients Epic Adventures, and make them the star of their Pro moment. Learn how to organize trip photos, and document the action.

We search the ends of the Earth, and switchbacks to find the most friendly, Hospitable, responsible, fun having, hard working, and personally engaging people possible. If you love people, and dream about perfecting your customer service skills, this could be the perfect position for you.

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