Finally! This is it… The clock is ticking and you are running out of time to select your rafting guide for the 2015 Annual Citizen’s Clear Creek Challenge!

Now, like in any other sport, you will need a good leader to guide your team to victory therefore, Mile Hi Rafting has taken the time to build a little profile of each one of our great rafting guides, so you can choose the best one for you.

Your Rafting Guides!Boogie_Bio Sized


If you are looking for expertise and great cardio, Boogie, is your guide!

With more than 20 years of whitewater rafting experience, “The Boogieman” has tamed the wild rapids of Clear Creek River with Mile Hi Rafting since the beginning.

This loving father of two daughters, rides his bike for 36 miles from his home to Mile Hi Rafting before battling against the rapids. So, you can be sure he is a strong dude with lots of stamina.


WesleyMileHi rafts

Wesley Hutchings is an adrenaline junkie. This 24-year-old athlete has been rafting since 2009 and stays in great shape playing soccer and snowboarding.

With an outdoor lifestyle this young rafter enjoys camping and fishing and he is ready to take everyone in the Annual Citizen’s Clear Creek Challenge. If you are looking for a young free spirit, Wesley is your man.


Stewart Miller better known as Peaches, was born and raised in Louisiana, and began rafting out east on the Nantahala. With 5 seasons of whitewater rafting and two specifically on Clear Creek, Peaches have a wide whitewater rafting experience. In his own words, “ Rafting is more than a job it’s a passion”.


Under the wing of Daminal as his “Sensei” Roman Montoya has been feeding in whitewater knowledge for two years now.

Grown up on the edge of the Rockies, Roman is always searching for adventures while backpacking, angling, snowboarding or walking in the forest, and of course whitewater rafting. Be assured that with Roman, your rafting race will be pretty sweet.

RichardRichard Rafting Guide

Richard is a natural born outdoor enthusiast. Since little he has built up enormous outdoor knowledge and skills. Richard has been rafting with Mile Hi Rafting for 3 years and when he is not paddling, you can find him on a glacier, on a nearby trail or tuning up his shooting.

Richard is a healthy dude who grows his own fresh fruit and vegetables in his garden and with his sharp eye can aim for victory!

More to Come

These are only a few profiles from our wide list of excellent whitewater rafting guides. In the following days, more rafting guides and friends of the Mile Hi Rafting family will be shown, so you can choose the appropriate leader for your team.

Keep in mind time is running out and if you have already seen a good guide to lead your team to victory don’t hesitate! Call Mile Hi Rafting today and reserve your whitewater rafting guide.

Remember the 2015 Annual Citizen’s Clear Creek Challenge is on July 10th!

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