A lot of things make this place special. If happiness is what you’re looking for, visiting Boulder, Colorado should be next on your to-do list. Discover why it is called America’s happiest city.

Find Your Happy Place in Boulder

Happiest place in Colorado

It’s not just the happiest city in Colorado, it is the happiest city in the United States, according to National Geographic Gallup Special Index. There must be a reason for that.

Boulder is a geographically blessed location, surrounded by breathtaking landscape, great weather, a downtown that is full of charm and tons of fun outdoor activities, not just in Boulder but also in areas close to Boulder, meaning you can never run out of things to do.

This city is also a healthy place where most people walk to work, there are low rates of obesity and smoking, and with so much outdoor beauty, clearly, their exercise rates are high. All of these elements contribute to making Boulder a place where life is at its best, and it is clear just by looking at the faces of those who live in this wonderful location.

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