I don’t know how to begin this post. I am not sure if this could be considered as bad or good news. Honestly, I have mixed feelings about the latest Annual Citizen’s Clear Creek Challenge update.

As many of you already knew. The Citizen’s Clear Creek race was meant to happen last weekend. On June 12th. But because of the water conditions, the Mile Hi Rafting team, decide would be best to postpone the race until next July 10th.

Now, this is a very good and responsible thing to do. No matter how bad our adrenaline thirst is, at Mile Hi Rafting security comes first and we want to enjoy a fun and memorable race with all of our friends.

Colorado rafting companyNonetheless, I was already picturing myself rafting in the steepest river in Colorado. Battling against nature’s power… paddling with all my strength threw Clear Creek’s rapids.

Last week, I could hardly wait for the starting shot to be fired. Now, I am forced to wait little bit longer. However, if I look at it in an unselfish way, I come to realize that actually, it is  a pretty good thing. Here is the reason why…

Get Ready!

With one more month until the rafting race, more people can team up with friends and family and become part of the challenge. This translates into more fun and adventure for everyone.

Also, if some of you were still making up your mind? Now, you have a great reason to become part of the race. That’s right. We were waiting for you! Now you guys have more than enough time to contact Mile Hi Rafting and reserve a rafting guide. Remember no team will be allowed to participate in the Annual Citizen’s Challenge without a rafting guide.

Finally, the more people that sign up for the race, the better, the After Party at famous Tommy Knocker Brewery will be. More teams in the race, can’t mean anything else but a great after party!

New Race DateMileHi Image2

The call for all the contenders of the Annual Citizen’s Clear Creek Challenge is now on July 10th. The starting shot will be fired at 6pm, and we will be rafting through the historic mining valley of Idaho Springs.

Teams are made up of 5 or 6 members per boat and for 30 bucks each; you get to dive into this breathtaking adventure. Remember the fee also includes delicious burgers and fries from our new Chuck Wagon.

Stop making up excuses. This is your last chance. Contact Mile Hi Rafting today and reserve a rafting guide. Book your spot in the race, team up with your friends and test your rafting skills in the 2015 Annual Citizen’s Clear Creek Challenge.


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