During the winter, many outdoor enthusiasts change their hiking shoes for cross-country skis or snowshoes and head to the trails all over Clear Creek County. If you’ve ver considered taking your dog on your hiking trips, but don’t know if it’s a good idea, here are some tips that will help you decide.

Training Your Dog For Outdoor HikesDogs and wildlife

Hiking with your dog is great for both of you. In fact, doctors, nutritionist and health experts are constantly encouraging people to take their dog out for a walk. Nonetheless, many dog owners forget the simple fact that dogs and wildlife just don’t mix. The best way to enjoy the wilderness and ensure your dog is not going crazy and run away on the mountain or start chasing wildlife is by keeping the leash on. However, there are techniques you can apply to control your dog even when you let it off the leash.

Many dog trainers consider that off-leash is the equivalent to a graduate degree. High school level dogs shouldn’t be running free on tempting mountain trails. It takes a Ph.D. Level dog to be able to walk without a leash in the wilderness, especially during winter because wild animals cannot afford the calories, stress and dangers from a high-speed chase.

Does your dog come back when you call?

First of all, remember that dogs chasing wildlife are not only illegal but also dangerous for everyone, including you and your dog. Therefore, you need to invest time and dedication to your dogs’ training. Trainers sustain that it is essential to have a reliable recall to which your pet will respond before heading out to the trails. Otherwise, you could be triggering a dangerous situation.

Encouraging positive behaviors

You need to make your dog stay near you all the time while you’re hiking. The best way to achieve this is by motivating your dog with treats. Avoid punishing your dog. Otherwise, it won’t feel comfortable returning to you. Dog trainers say, “You get what you reinforce.” Practice on your backyard -at first-, or a controlled environment by quickly bending down and—oops—dropping pieces of chicken every few steps, without saying a word. Try this for five days and watch how “sticky” your dog becomes.

Visual reinforcements. When your dog “checks-in” on a walk by looking back at you: jackpot! Reward with smiling, petting, and some of that chicken you haven’t yet leaked. Soon your best friend will be happy to obey and happy to stay close.

Hiking with dogs in Clear Creek County

Mile Hi UTV winter fun

Before The Snow Melts

Clear Creek County in Colorado is a completely different world during winter. Besides hiking, there are so many other great outdoor activities you can enjoy Colorado-style. One of the most popular is taming the trails on ATV or UTV tour. Enjoy amazing adventures and make the most of the wildlife of Clear Creek County.

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