Prepare and hook your fly, cast the line, feel the tug on the line and…here he comes: a beautiful rainbow trout! Dinner is ready!

Colorado has always been known as a fly-fishing enthusiasts’ favorite destination. Clear Creek River is a Colorado’s great river that has what is seems to be an endless access to catch trout using the fly fish technique.

Taylor River, Colorado.


Mile Hi Rafting Company, just 30 minutes from Denver, offers outdoor adventure for everyone in the family. We offer ATV and UTV tours, full overnight camping excursions, and we aid you in planning the perfect fishing trip too. Whether you’re seeking to experience new adventures or you’re an experienced fisherman yourself, follow our steps as we delve into the world of fly-fishing in this two part series.

Kid FishingLearning about fly-fishing…

Fly fishing is an angling method that requires a “fly” (artificial or natural). It can be practiced in rivers or lakes and the techniques vary when in different water habitats. The fly resembles an insect or an attractive food incentive to lure fish. The flies are then cast using a fly rod, reel and specialized weighted line. The main difference between fly-fishing and spin or bait fishing, is the fact that the weight of the line carries the hook through the air to the send the fly to the target area.

The secret weapon of fly-fishing

Imitating Mother Nature to attract fish has been a fishing method used since the Middle Ages. Flies are certainly what make this fishing way such a fascinating and entertaining activity. Even though they’re virtually weightless, it’s the good recipe of tying and building a fly accordingly that increase the chances of catching fish (along with cast techniques, of course). Checking on insect hatch charts and using feathers, threads and other artificial materials help build flies that resemble aquatic insects like leeches, worms, baitfish or larvae.

More to come in our next fly-fishing post…stay tuned!


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