Fishing is the outdoor activity that relaxes and helps you connect with nature the most. Clear Creek River, in Clear Creek County -one of the 17 original counties created in Colorado back in 1861- is the perfect place to have an ideal fishing trip. To make the trip more interesting, add some of the emotion and fascination of fly-fishing.

Now that we have your attention from our previous post on Fly Fishing in Colorado, were we talked about the basics of fly-fishing and the reason behind the name: the fly itself, we now continue our small journey. Today, we talk about some of the fly-fishing techniques and our recommendations to fly-fish in the Clear Creek River. Remember, Mile Hi Rafting Company, just 30 minutes from Denver, offers outdoor adventure for everyone in the family. We offer ATV and UTV tours, full overnight camping excursions, and we aid you in planning the perfect fishing trip too.

Fishing on a Canoe

Digging into Fly-fishing techniques

Fishing in cold water

To get to the areas where water runs deeper, but trout are easier to deceive, the fly-fisherman must get a little wet and down to it. But not completely wet at all, as the use of hip boots or chest-high waders are required. The waders can be one-piece “boot foot” waders or “stocking foot” waders that need additional external boots. Materials vary as possibilities do, bottom rock you’re probably going to get wet!

Dry fly trout fishing

This technique is done using lines and flies that float. The fly in this case, as it lies on the surface, needs to be very attractive and explosive for trout to bite. Even though only 10% of trout eat at surface-level, leaving the vast 90% to feed below-water, it keeps fly-fishing anglers more than busy. It said that also the rush of being able to see the moment a trout strikes your fly makes you an addict!

Nymphing for trout

The best possibilities of catching a trout are going below-water, where they feed the most. This technique is mostly used in deep rivers, lakes or any still waters. The nymph, our fly in this case, is weighted so that it sinks underwater. There are many ways of adding weight, such as the use of sinking tip fly line.

Other techniques are: still water trout fishing, playing trout, releasing trout and saltwater fly-fishing.

Clear Creek Fly-Fishing

Fly-fishing the Clear Creek River

This great Colorado River seems to be an endless brown trout source. It’s a typical freestone small creek that provides great chances to catch trout to feed on streamer, dry and nymph fly patterns. Standard patterns can be used for a safe strike, but changing your fly patterns and colors might make a real success out of your trip.

Taylor River, Colorado.


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