In the past, we shared with you the history behind the foundation of Clear Creek County. And since we are still history enthusiasts about our beloved Clear Creek, today we share with you some more. One of our mountain treasures, we will dig into the story behind those awesome abandoned mines seen in our ATV and UTV tours.

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Pike’s Peak or Bust!

Most commonly known as Colorado Gold Rush, it originally was named Pike’s Peak Gold Rush. The Colorado Gold Rush began in Clear Creek and Gilpin counties, back in 1859.  Being the prominent and breathtaking landmark it is, Pike Peak was used as a reference in those days, but the actual location of the Gold Rush took place 85 miles north of it. People would refer to the miners as the “fifty-niners” for the year 1859. The Gold Rush started in 1858, but the most productive gold-mine district was not found until 1891. The “Pike’s Peak or Bust!” line was the motto of the time, which made reference to the outstanding peak that guided the early gold-seekers over to the Great Plains. Many were European-American, and some of the mine camps became cities, and stayed and grew into Denver City and Boulder City. Some others faded away, and ended up as ghost towns, like the one we visit in our tours!


Gold mining in Colorado today

Cripple Creek District was the last and the most-productive gold-mining district in Colorado. It was located a few miles southwest of Pike’s Peak. It was also the third-most productive district in the entire country. Its production back in 1990 was worth around $17 billion (based on 2008 prices). Today only 3 mines are open and producing gold. The Cripple Creek and Victor Gold Mine, at Victor, is the leading producer of gold… still.


Welcome to Cripple Creek Colorado.jpg
Cripple Creek Colorado” by David Shankbone. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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