Anyone who loves to travel, whether locally or abroad, likes to keep memories of their trips. Whether it’s photographs, postcards or anything else. You can keep them as they are, in a box, or you can turn them into something new that will always remind you of those places you’ve been.

Turn Your Adventure into Keepsakes Everyone Will Love

If you’ve been looking for creative ways to keep those memories of your travels alive, you’re in luck. Here are some nice ideas that can help you turn those memories into something unique:

Fancy Travel Photo Book

We’re not talking about just a travel photo album. It’s much more than that. It could be your chance to get really creative and explore your design skills. If you have great photographs of your trips, why not turn them into a travel photo book that no one else will have? That’s a nice way to keep those photos organized and immortalized. You could even print a few copies and turn it into a pretty hard-to-beat present for any occasion.

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Interesting Artwork

Shadow boxes are a fun way to display your travel memorabilia. These boxes were originally intended to display artifacts from the military but you can use them to serve whichever purpose you’re after. You can put almost anything in there, from photographs to things you’ve collected on your trip like shells, tickets or anything else you find interesting.

A Great Tattoo

If you had a very memorable trip, you can wear it on your sleeve. Literally. Turn your favorite destination into a tattoo that will always remind you of the wonderful time you had there. If that trip was in a foreign country, and you’re there when you decide you want to get tattooed, you can easily get carried away and get inked right then and there, in that location that is now so close to your heart. However, it might be best to wait and get it done by a trusted tattoo artist, once you’re home.

Ticket Collage

If you’re the kind of person that likes to keep every single ticket you ever used of your trips, this might be a great way to put all that paper to use and create a unique collage. Plane tickets, bus tickets, theater tickets, train tickets, even subway maps, you name it. Any ticket you might be saving could be a unique component in this artsy craft, that could jazz up a wall in your home.

Don’t let your memories fade away inside a box. Use them to create something beautiful, for yourself or for someone else that shares your love of travel.

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