Plants are beautiful, most are harmless but some are more dangerous that you can imagine. Colorado is home to some of those.

Poisonous Colorado Plants You’ll Want to Avoid

Colorado is known for being an incredibly beautiful state. It has gorgeous landscapes, which makes a great place for adventurers and explorers. Among the many different types of plants, there are some, in particular, that represent danger for both humans and animals. Not all have to be eaten to be harmful. Some are just as dangerous even if they just brush your skin. When you’re out in the wild, beware of these 5 poisonous plants:

Sumac, Poison Ivy and Oak

If you were part of the scouts, you probably remember a saying “leaves of three, let it be”. This refers to these three plants and they are all present in Colorado. If you brush your skin against these leaves it will get red and itchy, and even form blisters. You might not be allergic to any of these varieties but if you already know you are, make sure you stay away or you can expect about three rough weeks after that.


“Loco” means “crazy” in Spanish. This plant got its name because it has neurological effects on livestock that ingests it. These effects include extreme nervousness, depressions, erratic behavior and can even lead to death. Most research is related to animals and there’s not much info about its effects on humans, however, it’s not a bad idea to be aware of what it can do.

Poisonous Colorado Plants You'll Want to Avoid
Larkspur is a beautiful flower but it’s not to be trusted.


Although it is very pretty, this is a plant that is not to be taken for granted. You will normally see Lupine in the mountain meadows in the summertime. The seeds are where the poison is. When a seed is ingested, it can lead to abdominal pain in adults, and can even cause death in children.

Death Camas

When a plant’s name involves the word “death”, you know you better watch out. Its little white flowers cause it to be confused with a wild onion. Eating it can cause muscle spasms, abdominal pain, vomiting blood, low heart rate, coma, and death. But it’s not just the flowers that are poisonous, the stem and the seeds also carry poison in them. So, when you find sunny meadows and dry rocky slopes, keep an eye out for Death Camas and stay away from them.


Another pretty wildflower, but don’t be fooled by its beautiful bright blue color. Larkspur grows in the mountain meadows also. When consumed, it can lead to respiratory failure, paralysis, and even death in humans and livestock, too. It is called the cattle-killer.


Don’t be afraid to go out and explore the beautiful state of Colorado. Just make sure you take note of these tips so you can always be safe. Can’t wait to plan your next adventure? Call Mile Hi Rafting and we’ll help you plan one you’ll never forget!

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