Safety and familyOutdoor enthusiasts know that along with nature’s enjoyment, fresh air and beautiful sceneries there are things to always keep in mind when in the back country. It’s important to always inform yourself on everything: weather conditions, wild life you can potentially encounter, and, very importantly, poisonous plants you can run into. Today we talk about what to do in the event of touching or getting in contact with poisonous plants and how to prevent incidents like this in your family trip. Mile Hi Rafting Company, is a family owned company proud of its home’s history company. Just 30 minutes from Denver, we offer outdoor adventure for everyone in the family. We offer ATV and UTV tours and full overnight camping excursions. We care about our guests and we make sure outdoor fun is enjoyed with the correct precautions.

Symptoms of plant poisoning

Symptoms of poisonous plant ingestionSevere symptoms of plant poisoning occur mostly when ingesting a poisonous plant. It’s a field’s rule never to eat a plant you’re not familiar with. However, if a toxic plant is consumed some of the symptoms would be: salivation, vomiting, diarrhea, tongue and mouth swelling, burning lips and mouth pain. With large quantities a person might experience muscle weakness and trembling. It also depends on how allergic a person is. The most common symptom to toxic plants contact is to develop a rash. Eyes are frequently affected as people touch a plant and then their face and eyes. Eyes get irritated, there’s constant tearing, eye and face swelling might occur, as well as a burning sensation.

Treatment and recommendations

Now that you know a little about the consequences of getting in contact with toxic plants, it’s paramount to take the precautions to avoid them. The best advice is to dress correctly: wear long pants, long-sleeved shirts and socks. Bring a spare change of clothes as the first step when treating a reaction to poisonous plants is to remove your clothes and place them in a bag until they can be separately washed. Once you remove your clothes, rinse with cool water (do not use warm or hot water as it will open your pores and worsen the reaction). Clean the area with soap and do avoid scratching as much as possible. Use a lotion or ointment to relief the itching, alcohol does the trick too. Most importantly, seek professional help! People have different allergic reactions to toxic plants, which makes it very unpredictable. It’s best to be treated by doctors in situations like this. MileHi 3 ATV

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