One really wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors this fall is to have a picnic. Time to get cozy with a blanket.

Make the Best Out of Autumn with a Great Picnic

This autumn season is starting to really pick up. Just because spring and summer are over, it doesn’t mean this year’s picnic days are behind us. One of the best ways to enjoy these chilly days and beautiful sunsets is with a fall picnic. It gives you a great chance to spend quality time with your family or friends while enjoying the great outdoors. Here are some fall picnic tips that will set you up for picnic success.

Go for Warm, Cozy Meals

No cold sandwiches or salads here, it’s time to break out the comforting food that we all know and love. Creamy soups and stews, or toasted sandwiches with some warm cider or hot chocolate are great options for this weather, and keeping them warm is not as hard you think. Just pack everything in thermoses or insulated bags and you’re good to go.

Bring Extra Blankets

It’s better to pack a little bulkier on this trip if you want to stay warm. If you’re going to leave something behind, let it not be the blankets. Pack a few extra ones so you can enjoy the chillier weather and not suffer through it.

Enjoy the Outdoors with Your Family This Fall
Make time for some fun

This is the Season for Cheese Platters

Summer and cheese platters don’t really get along, but cheese and cooler weather, oh yes, they do. Plus, snacks that pack a little more fat content can help you keep warm.

Choose a Spot Away from the Wind

Don’t rush the picnic spot selection process. If you plan on enjoying the day, make sure you’re shielded from the wind.

Leave Time for Some Fun

A picnic is not just about eating delicious food outdoors; it’s about having fun. Make time for that and play some games, or choose whatever activity you like and make some memories while you’re at it.

Colorado has one of the most beautiful scenery, but it is especially appealing during the fall. Find a lovely outdoor spot in the area for a cozy fall picnic and enjoy some family time this season. If you’re nearby Idaho Springs and are looking for something to do after your trip, check out these great options.

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