For a lover of the outdoors, sharing that passion is a wonderful thing, and it’s even better if it’s your family who you’re sharing it with.

How to Raise an Outdoorsy Family

There’s nothing quite like the feeling that fresh air and an adventure ahead can give you. Exploring the great outdoors on your own can be empowering and liberating, but embarking on an outdoor adventure with your family and seeing them enjoy things as much as you do is one of those pleasures everyone should be able to experience.

If raising an outdoorsy family is part of your plans, here are five tips you can use to start cultivating their love for the great outdoors:

1) Learn to Enjoy the Little Things

There is no “go big or go home” philosophy here. To start developing your family’s appreciation for the outdoors, especially small children, you can start slow and build up from there. Kids see everything like a big adventure, so, even the smallest things will be interesting to them. Playing catch or hide and seek in the park, camping out in your backyard with some homemade s’mores, or having an outdoor cookout, are all things you can start with that will begin teasing that outdoor-loving gene.

2) Don’t Be Pushy

Anything that you force into someone ends up turning into an unpleasant memory. Even if you find something particularly enjoyable, your little ones might be scared of it or find it like a little too much to take in. Give them time. Go back home and try again another day. Maybe this time they’re just not up for it.

Exploring the great outdoors with your family

3) Cheer Them On

A little praise and encouragement go a long way. Let them know you’re proud of them for climbing that hill, for identifying a particular animal, or for helping you set up the tent. Rewarding victories, no matter how small they might be, can build up your children’s confidence and help them associate the experience with something positive, making them want to do it again.

4) Become an Explorer

Children love exploring, so what better way to enjoy nature than with an outdoor scavenger hunt? By turning your trip into a game, you guarantee everyone will be motivated and have fun, while they learn tons of interesting things related to wildlife and nature.

5) Take Advantage of the Holidays

Instead of staying home in your pj’s, use the holidays to plan a cool outdoor activity with your family. Associating those good memories with holidays will build a healthy habit in your family.

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