In the last weeks water levels in Colorado have been really high. Rapidly melting snow and heavy spring rains are sending Colorado’s rivers tumbling out of the mountains.

The situation has already claimed the life of 11 people, including a fisherman and men tubing near Pueblo, forcing some whitewater rafting companies to seek out calmer rapids and stock extra safety gear.

Family rafting tripHowever, despite all predictions, Clear Creek River hasn’t been affected and we are experiencing normal water levels for this time of year.

According to the Colorado River Outfitters Association’s last water report, published on June 19th; water levels on Clear Creek River were BIG, but raftable for commercial purposes, and they have been dropping down since then, becoming a great time to raft!

Safety Comes First!

Whitewater rafting as any other extreme sport poses a variety of risks and where flirting with danger is part of the attraction. According to David Costlow, Director of the Colorado River Outfitters Association, on an interview given to The Spirit of Arkansas, he stated that “Part of the thrill of it is it’s unpredictable”.

Costlow added that having so few deaths with so many people running the rapids amounts to “a hell of a record.“His statement seems accurate specially if we take into considerations that last year the whitewater rafting industry, drew about half a million people.

However, at Mile Hi Rafting we take our safety regulations pretty serious and we will never expose to unnecessary risks to our customers nor our rafting guides. Therefore, we will never encourage people to come rafting with us, unless we are pretty sure conditions are the best to enjoy this amazing and exciting adventure.

A Memorable TimeRafting Arkansas River

At Mile Hi Rafting, whitewater rafting is not just a business, but our passion. We put all of our love, passion and effort in making your rafting trip a memorable experience for the whole family.

All of our rafting guides have amazing rafting and rescue skills. They were trained by the best and gained through the years a wide first aids and whitewater experience.

Don’t hesitate, enjoy this summer and take advantage of the 4th of July and any other holiday you have, visiting one of the most beautiful, raftable Rivers in Colorado.

Contact Mile Hi today and book your safe, exciting and thrilling adventure. Come and raft at Clear Creek River, with the best! Come paddle down with Mile Hi Rafting!

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