We are in the middle of the winter season, and finding awesome things to do outdoors in Colorado could be challenging, but we have something that will add some adrenaline to your life. ATV Tours Colorado will take your breath away during a ride through the wilderness in the Rocky Mountains. Certified professionals guide all of our tours, and we can customize it depending on your group needs and skill level.  

Authentic Outdoor Experience with Your Family and Friends 

While there are many different outdoor activities you can do in Colorado, ATV riding is for any time of year. During the winter season, it is an ideal time to try it and explore the Colorado Rockies with its majestic landscapes. Winter ATV riding is a unique experience and an opportunity for you and your loved ones to do something different together.

Mile Hi UTV winter tour

Schedule Your Colorado ATV Adventure This Winter

The winter is the most beautiful time of the year in Colorado. The Rockies covered in snow is one of the most awesome sceneries you will have the pleasure to enjoy. Make time for yourself and family or friends this winter and get ready for a challenging experience that will give you a rush as well as the opportunity to relax and take in all the breathtaking beauty that nature has to offer. Give us a call and start planning your Colorado ATV adventure today!

Pricing for the ATV Adventures

  • 1 hour: $100 each 
  • 2 hours: $160 each 
  • 3 hours: $220 each 
  • 4 hours:  $290 each 
  • 5 hours: $350 each (Lunch included, full day)

Pricing for the RZR Adventures

  • One Hour: $175
  • Two Hours: $260

We also have overnight tours available with camping. We have eight two-seater ATVs. Passengers ride for 1/2 price.

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