There are many advantages to taking your family’s exercise routine outdoors.

Summer is the Perfect Season for Family Exercise Outdoors

What is summer without a little —or a lot— outdoor fun? Summer is a synonym for vacations, ice cream, and fruity drinks but in addition to that, it is the season to take full advantage of what nature has to offer and get a workout in, especially with your family. Save the trip to the movie theater for another time of year and take your family on a fun outdoor adventure that gets your heart pumping. Here are some of the benefits of family outdoor workouts.


Paying a gym membership for your entire family is probably out of the question, but spending time outdoors is free. It’s open 24/7, and you can choose to do whatever seems most fun.

Taking Your Family OutdoorsTime Seems to Go By Quicker

Being on a stationary bike, a stair master or a treadmill for more than 20 mins gets exhausting and pretty dull, too. Every minute seems like an eternity and probably want it to be over. When you’re outdoors having fun with your family —hiking, bike riding, whitewater rafting or just walking— it’s surprising how much faster time goes by. You might even lose track of time.

Gives You a Feeling of Well-Being

No one can deny that spending time outdoors and breathing fresh air recharges your batteries and makes you feel good. Even more so, if you’re out there with the people, you love the most.

Puts Your Body to Work

It is definitely, not the same to walk on a treadmill than to walk outdoors. The variations in weather, terrain, air quality, altitude, etc., add an extra level of complexity to your workout. However, it puts less stress on your joints.

Gets Your Kids Involved

These days, kids are more used to spending time looking at a screen that enjoying the outdoors. Promoting exercise outdoors is not only physically beneficial, but it breaks the barrier between your kids and physical activity. Plus, if you are seen doing it and enjoying it, they’ll feel motivated to try it, too.


Doesn’t summer feel like a wasted season if you didn’t get to enjoy some time outdoors? Regardless of age or physical condition, every member of your family can enjoy these beautiful summer days and be active outdoors. Start small or plan a big adventure right from the get-go but don’t let the season pass by.

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