Never spend the night in a smelly or ripped up tent, ever again. Discover how you can keep your tent in great shape and ready to go for your next camping trip.

Keep a Clean Tent with These Tips

Every outdoor lover gets the urge to just pack everything and go surround themselves by nature. It’s a split-second decision. You might be ready to go but your tent might not be. Consider these tips to keep your tent clean and in great condition for your next camping trip.

Keep a Clean Tent with These TipsDon’t Leave Camp Without Cleaning Your Tent

Packing up and going back home may seem like the best option at the time. The problem is that once you get home, you’re probably never going to feel like cleaning your dirty tent. The best idea is to brush out the inside of your tent before breaking camp. Take a moment to remove dirt, bugs, trash, and then clean the outside to get rid of leaves, twigs, mud and so on. This way, you ensure that you don’t leave anything that could damage your tent once you fold it up for storage.

Before Storing It, Give Your Tent Some TLC

When you get home, your tent should be cleaned thoroughly, especially if you went camping in rainy season. Set up your tent in your garage or backyard. Be sure to wipe up any spills or stains and then hose it down. Get rid of the water that might be trapped inside and leave it out to dry. This is a good time to check your tent closely and make sure it’s in tip-top condition. If it isn’t, you now know you need to get it fixed before you take it on your next camping trip.

Never, Ever Store a Wet Tent

Make sure your tent dries all the way through before you decide to pack it away. Storing a wet tent will make it develop a bad smell, but that’s not all, it could permanently damage it as it could rot due to excessive moisture.

Pack It Properly

Now that your tent is clean, fresh and dry, it’s time to put it away. Always fold it back down the same way it was when you bought it to prevent creases or tears. Pack it along with the poles and everything else into a storage bag or its own sack.


With these tips your tent is ready to go when you are. Next time you want to go out and explore Colorado, you’ll be ready as ever.

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